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Buddies carts

buddies carts

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Buddies Carts Cartridges


THC 80.9%


Buddies vapes THCs are pure distillate and are pesticides free. Unlike the other brands of carts, this thc cart is very easy to buy online and get it deliver to your door step. We deliver to every destination within our country in less than 48 hours and delivery is discretely and expressly done. Buddies Carts

Buddies Cartridges

CCELL 510 Vape Cartridge – Distilled Cannabis Oil with Cannabis Derived Terpenes. Strain-specific terpenes extracted in-house and folded into highly clarified, potency-packed cannabis oil distillate. Buddies Brand™ patent-pending process allows us to reintroduce 100% cannabis-derived terpenes so that your vape tastes and represents the same profiles as the flower it came from. buddies carts

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